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Drain Clearing Division use Fernco Pipe Doctor Repair Patches.

The specialist skill of pipe relining allows Drain Clearing Division to save our clients considerable costs. As digging up and replacing a section of pipe can be very costly especially if it is under a driveway, building, road or a meticulous landscaped garden.

Not every damaged pipe is suitable for relining however and a CCTV pipe survey needs to be completed first to determine the best solution. The pipe then needs to be jettered and cleared of any debris, solids and grease. After the pipe has been repaired with the Fernco repair Patch we CCTV pipe camera to inspect the condition of the repair. The before and after CCTV inspections are captured on DVD with a voice over report as part of the job.

The mixed resin used in the relining procedure is totally inert and non toxic, any waste material can be disposed of in the same manner as domestic waste.

The Pipe Doctor materials have a guarantee of 10 years and the projected life span is 50 years.