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Drain Clearing Division have a range of colour CCTV pipe cameras to view pipes and drains from 40mm to 300mm in diameter.

We use our CCTV pipe cameras to survey blocked drains to locate and view the cause of the blockage so that our operators can choose the correct equipment to clear the pipe or drain. After the blockage has been cleared we camera the pipe again to check that it has been cleared and to locate the cause of the blockage which could be cracked pipes, root entry and displaced joints.

Our CCTV pipe cameras have electronic tracking sondes so that we can locate the location and depth of the damaged section of pipe. This saves time and money in the repairs of the pipe.

Drain Clearing Division can survey your drainage system to check for damaged pipes before they become a problem.

We can supply written reports with a DVD recording of the CCTV pipe survey upon request.