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Whether you are putting post holes in for a fence, building a swimming pool or renovating a house, there are underground pipes and cables everywhere. How do you dig safely without hitting them?

If you are intending to begin digging work you should lodge an enquiry with DBYD ‘Dial Before You Dig’ before commencing, even if you are planning any kind of excavation in your own backyard. Asset owners will respond by providing advice as to the location of any underground pipes and cables. The plans provide information about plant presence only they do not pinpoint the exact location.

Protect yourself from injury and prevent damage to underground services.

Drain Clearing Division can obtain the DBYD plans for you. We will then locate the plant and depth and mark the ground with paint, colour coded for the particular service. You then have the choice of hand digging or potholing to expose and verify their existence.

We locate electricity, telecommunications, gas, water, sewer and other miscellaneous pipes.

Drain Clearing Division have Telstra Accredited Locating tradesmen and more than 20 years locating experience.

Drain Clearing Division use high performance Radiodetection Pipe and Cable Locators.