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Drain Clearing Division have a large range of the latest drain clearing equipment. From electric eels, mini high pressure water jetters, medium high pressure water jetters to our powerful high pressure hydro jet mounted on its own trailer for low height access jobs.

We are able to clear domestic and commercial drains, sewer, stormwater, trade waste, manholes and stack pipes from 40mm to 300mm in diameter.

Our high pressure hydro jet trailer delivers water at 2 litres per second, this trailer also carries its own water supply.

All of our jetters have a selection of speciality nozzles so that our operators can choose the best nozzle for the job.

The high pressure water jetters can blast away years of accumulated scale, sand, silt and grease build up inside your pipes as well as tree roots growing through broken and cracked pipes flushing out debris.

The CCTV pipe camera is used in conjunction with our drain clearing equipment.